Monday, January 31, 2011

Once a Bride.... Now a Bridesmaid!

The Bridesmaids & Bride

      On Saturday, we all took a trip down to David's Bridal in Hoover. We had so much fun trying on dress after dress. We modeled and modeled every dress that we could. April & Chris are getting married in July. They are having an outside wedding at Will's Creek Vineyard in Duck Springs. She was thinking about using greens and purples. When she decided on which dress looked the best on everyone.... then it was time to decide on the color. She chose the best color they had! It is called "malibu". It is like a swimming pool blue. I think it will be awesome on everyone! I can't wait to get all dressed up and get my hair "did". :)
   Here we are in some of the dresses. The 3 girls on the left.... Meghin, Kayla, and Ashley are wearing the style dress that April picked for us. I love it. The "malibu" blue is the dress that Christy is wearing on the right.

   This is the dress on David's Bridal website. Of course the blue isn't the same. But, we all had a great time. After we finished at the dress shop... we went to the Olive Garden and ate a wonderful meal. We had a great time sitting around laughing and talking. Saturday was fun!

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