Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Week!

   On Sunday, we were wondering just how much snow we'd actually get. On Sunday night, it started! First, we received about 10 minutes of sleet. Next, it started snowing hard. After about 15 good minutes, snow was covering the ground! Monday morning we got up and dressed in our many layers. We went outside and this was my house! We got about 4 inches. Everything was covered. It was beautiful! Garrett loved it.
   This is Garrett and his best bud Brianna. She lives down the street. He had to go visit and play with her, on Monday, in the snow. They both had a hard time walking in it. The snow wasn't powdery. It was very hard and crunchy because it rained after it snowed Sunday night. They rode the sled together in the yard. All they did was laugh and smile!
   Garrett and I rode in a tube tied to the 4wheeler! It was so fun. Daddy drove very slow up and down the street so we could have some fun. (Yes, I know I wasn't suppsed to do that.) Garrett had so much fun waving at all the neighbors as we went up and down the street. He kept saying, "Momma, dis fun!"
   On Tuesday, we got back up and dressed. Garrett was ready to go out and play again! This is Garrett throwing his snowball at Daddy. They had the best time! We loved the snow. I loved seeing Garrett's face and watching him play. He is amazing. He puts a smile on my face everyday! I love him so much!
   I've been off work all week. I hope we go back tomorrow because we already have to make up these 3 days. I am due June 9 but my doctor wants to induce on June 3. That means I only have 1 week off after school gets out for summer before I have Logan. If they add more days.... then I'll be working up til my due date. Ugh! It will all work out for the best. God is good! I am so thankful for this week. :)

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