Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Drink the Water!

(Lori & myself at her baby shower yesterday.)

 Don't drink the water was a great choice for a title to this blog! I work with two other wonderful women that are expecting babies just like me! That's right.... 3 expecting women in the same building everyday! Lori is my coworker. She teaches 1st grade. She is due February 3 but is scheduled to have her baby BOY on Tuesday morning! Yes, she is having a boy also. I can't wait to meet him!
   My other coworker is our school nurse. Mrs. Ashley is also expecting. She is due 2 weeks after I am in June. She hasn't found out her baby's gender because her sweet husband is overseas. She is waiting until he returns in February. This is baby #3 for her. She is so sweet! I love having 2 other coworkers to share this amazing experience with. I couldn't have asked for 2 better individuals!
   I also have a few friends/family members that are also expecting. My beautiful cousin Lauren is expecting a little BOY in April. This will be her first baby and she'll be a super mom! My friend Brandi is also expecting a baby BOY in May! Boys are everywhere! This will also be her first baby. She is 2 weeks ahead of me. So far, that is 5 of us that are expecting. Needless to say, Don't Drink the Water! :)

Being a mom is the best experience of my life. To my friends who are just becoming a mom for the first time.... enjoy your little mircles... God is amazing! He doesn't grant this amazing gift to every woman. Be thankful and soak up every tiny moment you can with your sweet angels.
Love you girls!

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