Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This weekend has gone by fast! Clint and I tried to do a little Christmas shopping Saturday but we came up empty handed. We didn't buy anything. We have no idea what to buy people in our family. That isn't anything new. I go through the same thing every Christmas. I will go shopping several times and come home without a single bag. When it comes down to the last minute and I know that I have to buy something.... then I will. I can shop all day for Garrett or myself. By the time we went to a few stores and ate lunch, I was feeling sick again and was ready to come home.

Saturday afternoon it came time to dress Garrett in his costume. He acted so excited about it. My parents bought him a set of mini toy guns in Gatlinburg. We started dressing him in his cowboy costume and he started crying and pitching a fit! I finally got him dressed and wanted to take his picture. He was so mad. He finally let me take a few snapshots and then I took his outfit back off. We drove to Clint's parents and I dressed him when we arrived. He did great that time because he wanted to play with his cousins. He was so cute.

After we left the first set of grandparents, we went to the other set. We took him to my parents house. He had candy and mom bought him a Thomas train and an Arthur train. (He loves trains!) Then we took him to a Trunk-or-Treat. He got more candy than he needed.... but he had a blast!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 8 of Baby Johnson #2

I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. This pregnancy has been completely different from my first pregnancy with Garrett. I was sooooo sick with him from week 7 to week 14. Now I am nauseous but not as "sick" as I was with him. Clint read in our book yesterday, "What to Expect When Your Expecting". He read that if the woman is eating A LOT now... then it is probably a boy. He reads a lot and tells me what I should be doing and what is best for the baby! He is wonderful. He is the best dad. I couldn't imagine anyone else being the father to my children. I have been eating so much! I already know that I will gain more weight with this child! I was so sick the first time, that I didn't want to eat. I am so excited to hear baby Johnson's heartbeat. I didn't get to hear it last time. My next doctor visit is November 16. I love my doctor and her nurses! They are the best in town. Well, everyone is hoping it is a girl this time. We have a boy named picked out.... but we are going to keep it to ourselves for a while. We still aren't certain on a girl name.
Work has been a struggle lately. Teaching 5th grade is much more of a challenge for me. Sometimes it is fun but a lot of times, it is very stressful. I try to enjoy everyday but sometimes it is hard. I think the morning sickness is not much of a help with my 5th grade experience! ;)
I have learned that God only gives me what he knows I can handle. I have to remind myself of that daily!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Blogger!

This is my first time blogging! So be patient with me. I am trying to keep up with all this technology. Blogging will soon be implemented in our schools. :) So much is going on with technology... I can't seem to keep from drowning in it all! I hope to learn more about this and add something every few days.