Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a BOY!

   We had an early ultrasound just for Christmas. We found out that we are expecting another BOY! I am very excited that Garrett will have a little brother to grow up with! We ordered cupcakes from Take the Cake bakery and had them fill the inside with blue icing. The outside looked just like regular cupcakes. No one in our family new we were even having the ultrasound, so they had no idea.
   We went to my parents house on Christmas eve. We all sat around and ate snacks. When everyone was finishing up, we told them we had the early ultrasound and in order for them to find out the gender of the baby, they had to bite into the cupcakes. Dad was acting so silly in this photo! He had to be dramatic. They were happy with the results. They were all hoping for a girl but just want a healthy baby!
   On Christmas day, we went to Clint's parents. I let him do all the talking. He did so good! He told them the same thing about our early ultrasound. He also made them all get a cupcake and take a bite at the same time! They were excited! The cupcakes were a big hit!
   We decided on the name Logan Cole Johnson. I named Garrett and Clint named this baby. I love the name. I think having 2 boys has a lot of pros! I hope they grow up very close and will take care of their momma when she gets old!
   Garrett had a fantastic Christmas! Santa brought him lots of goodies. The only thing he wants to play with is his new train table! He also loved the snow. He didn't want to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner because he just wanted to play! He said over and over last night, "I wuv my twains!"

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